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We Are Now Keystone Sports Extra

With over 23 years of experience writing about and photographing local, state, and national sports, we are dedicated to capturing positive news and information about all of the impressive athletes in and from the Lehigh Valley, Pocono, and Greater Philadelphia areas. Our integrity and dedication has made us one of the leading sports publications in Pennsylvania. We rely on our authentic writing and reporting, uploading stories and images that reflect the best side of our athletes, continually encouraging them to strive toward greater success. We enjoy having genuine conversations, not debates, with those who want to share their athletic experiences through our reporting.


Our readers and viewers enjoy our publication because they receive stories and photographs heralding the positive accomplishments of our outstanding local, state, and national athletes. Our audience is spread over a wide demographic spectrum that include current student-athletes, coaches, families, and professionals in Pennsylvania.


There are not many genuine sports publications who bring out the personality, the heart, and the achievements of their athletes like we do. We maintain a special relationship with our advertisers, athletic organizations/institutions, and conferences. We offer positive editorial coverage of people or events that are connected to you and we look forward to promoting sports on your behalf. We thank all of our supporters who have assisted us in order to make this new venture possible, without you, we could not have excelled today. We are proud of our athletes, teams, and coaches who "like" us all over social media.


This website is dedicated to the late Richard "Ozzie" Osswald who in 2001 created Lehigh Valley Sports Extra and Pocono Sports Extra. Ozzie loved sports and he participated in various sports in college. Ozzie enjoyed swimming, hiking, skiing, and camping. A long-time resident of Stroudsburg, Ozzie volunteered as a youth athletics coach for over 25 years, as well as for Meals On Wheels, in the Pocono area. Those of us who worked with Ozzie know how dedicated he was to covering and reporting on athletics. In his last "Letter from the Publisher," he wrote the following:


"Love life. Love what you do. Love your friends, neighbors, and family. Love sports, even though the whole concept sometimes seems ridiculously unimportant compared to serious matters around the globe. I often think that all sports should be recreational with no money or politics involved. However, it would lead to a legion of unemployed people. However, I have an unabiding belief that sports should be at the very least, FUN! The United States is sports crazy - in love and devoted to players and teams on all levels from our own kids (they are our genes out there running around; what's not to like?) all the way up to the pros both here and around the world. Over my lifetime, I have had the pleasure to play and coach baseball, basketball, rugby, swimming, soccer, and golf, and wrestling, fencing, and tennis in college. I enjoyed and cherished every moment of it."


Please use the "contact" page to send us a message if you have a sports story, an interview candidate, if you would like to donate, or if you want to let us know how we are doing. We enjoy your feedback. If you would like to advertise with us, we do have a limited amount of space for our dedicated loyal supporters so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our news reaches a wide area in Pennsylvania and has been re-published in numerous professional organizations throughout the world. We are constantly evolving and are proud of our online digital production in order to follow all the favorite athletes and sports-related content.


If you would like to join the new Keystone Sports Extra team, please use the "contact" page to send us a message.


Keystone Sports Extra wishes you the best of luck in all your endeavors. 

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